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  T. Lana-Villarreal, E. Font-Sanchis, Á. Sastre-Santos, F. Fernández-Lázaro, R. Gómez. Characterization and Polymerization of Thienylphenyl and Selenylphenyl Amines and their interaction with CdSe Quantum Dots, CHEMPHYSCHEM 2011, 12, 1155 – 1164

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  F. J. Céspedes-Guirao, L. Martín-Gomis, K. Ohkubo, S. Fukuzumi, F. Fernández-Lázaro y A. Sastre-Santos. Synthesis and Photophysics of Silicon Phthalocyanine-Perylenebisimide Triads Connected through Rigid and Flexible Bridges, Chemistry- A European Journal 2011, 17, 9153-9163

  F. J. Céspedes-Guirao, K. Ohkubo, S. Fukuzumi, F. Fernández-Lázaro y A. Sastre-Santos. Supramolecular Zinc Phthalocyanine-Imidazolyl Perylenebisimide Dyad and Triad: Synthesis, Complexation and Photophysical Studies, Chemistry - An Asian Journal 2011, 11, 3110-3121

  F. J. Céspedes-Guirao, A. B. Ropero, E. Font-Sanchis, A. Nadal, F. Fernández-Lázaro y A. Sastre-Santos. A Water-Soluble Perylene Dye Functionalised with a 17β-Estradiol: a new Fluorescent Tool for Esteroid Hormones, Chemical Communications 2011, 47, 8307-8309

Á. Sastre-Santos, L. Martín-Gomis, F. Fernández-Lázaro. Fullerenes as Photosensitizers in Photorefractive Materials, Carbon NanoMaterials 2011, ISBN:00874893488,

  Á. Sastre-Santos, C. Parejo, L. Martín-Gomis, K. Ohkubo, F. Fernández-Lázaro, S. Fukuzumi. C60 dimers connected through pleiadene bridges: Fullerenes talking to each other, Journal of Materials Chemistry 2011, 21, 1509–1515

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