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  Nathalie Zink-Lorre, Enrique Font-Sanchis, Emilio San-Fabián and Fernando Fernández-Lázaro. Sulfur-Substituted Perylenediimides: Easy Tunability of the Electronic Character, Dyes and Pigments 2024, 227, 112178

  Andrew Strang, Victoria Quirós-Cordero, Pascal Grégoire, Sara Pla, Fernando Fernández-Lázaro, Ángela Sastre-Santos, Carlos Silva-Acuña, Paul N. Stavrinou and Natalie Stingelin. Simple and Versatile Platforms for Manipulating Light with Matter: Strong Light–Matter Coupling in Fully Solution-Processed Optical Microcavities, Advanced Materials 2024, 36, 2212056

Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche