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  Patricia Calvo-Gredilla, José García-Calvo, José V. Cuevas, Tomás Torroba, Jesús-Luis Pablos, Félix C. García, José-Miguel García, Nathalie Zink-Lorre, Enrique Font-Sanchis, Ángela Sastre-Santos and Fernando Fernández-Lázaro. Solvent-Free Off-On Detection of the Improvised Explosive Triacetone Triperoxide TATP with Fluorogenic Materials, Chemistry- A European Journal 2017, 23, 13973-13979

  Nathalie Zink-Lorre, Enrique Font-Sanchis, Ángela Sastre-Santos and Fernando Fernández-Lázaro . Fluoride-mediated alkoxylation and alkylthio-functionalization of halogenated perylenediimides, Org. Chem. Front. 2017, 4, 2016-2021

  Mattia Signoretto, Nathalie Zink-Lorre, Juan P. Martínez-Pastor, Enrique Font-Sanchis, Vladimir S. Chirvony, Ángela Sastre-Santos, Fernando Fernández-Lázaro and Isaac Suárez. Purcell-enhancement of the radiative PL decay in perylenediimides by coupling with silver nanoparticles into waveguide modes, Applied Physics Letters 2017, 111, 081102

  Mattia Signoretto, Nathalie Zink-Lorre, Isaac Suárez, Enrique Font-Sanchis, Ángela Sastre-Santos, Vladimir S. Chirvony, Fernando Fernández-Lázaro and Juan P. Martínez-Pastor. Efficient Optical Amplification in a Sandwich-Type Active-Passive Polymer Waveguide Containing Perylenediimides, ACS Photonics 2017, 4, 114-120

  Luis Martín-Gomis, Concepción Parejo, Julio C. Álvarez, Fernando Fernández-Lázaro and Ángela Sastre-Santos. Dye sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) based on bulky tert-octylphenoxycarboxyphenyl substituted phthalocyanine without the presence of co-adsorbents, Inorganica Chimica Acta 2017,

  Laura Caliò, Jorge Follana-Berná, Samrana Kazim, Morten Madsen, Horst-Günter Rubahn, Ángela Sastre-Santos and Shahzada Ahmad. Cu(II) and Zn(II) based phthalocyanines as hole selective layers for perovskite solar cells , Sustainable Energy & Fuels 2017,

  L. Martín-Gomis, N. Karousis, F. Fernández-Lázaro, I. D. Petsalakis, K. Ohkubo, S. Fukuzumi, N. Tagmatarchis and Á. Sastre-Santos. Exfoliation and Supramolecular Functionalization of Graphene with an Electron Donor Perylenediimide Derivative, Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences 2017, 16, 596-605

  L. Martín-Gomis, F. Peralta-Ruiz, M. B. Thomas, F. Fernández-Lázaro, F. D’Souza and Á. Sastre-Santos. Multichromophoric Perylenediimide-Silicon Phthalocyanine-C60 System as an Artificial Photosynthetic Analogue, Chemistry- A European Journal 2017, 23, 3863–3874

  L. Calió, C. Momblona, L. Gil-Escrig, S. Kazim, M. Sessolo, Á. Sastre-Santos, H. J. Bolink and S. Ahmad. Vacuum Deposited Perovskite Solar Cells Employing Dopant-Free Triazatruxene as the Hole Transport Material, Sol. Energ. Mat. Sol. Cells 2017, 163, 237-241

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