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The Molecular Design and Synthesis Group led by Professor Ángela Sastre Santos offer a predoctoral contract within the program "Santiago Grisolía" of the Generalitat Valenciana (Ref. GRISOLIA / 2017/153). This program is specifically aimed at graduates who have obtained their degree or bachelor's degree in a non-Spanish university. The selection of the candidates will be done by means of public call for competitive competition. Interested parties are encouraged to contact the project manager as soon as possible and prior to July 20 to receive further information and instructions on the application procedure (e-mail: Contract Characteristics: a. Project Title: Synthesis of derivatives of Dicetopyrrolopyrrole for its study in Fission Singlete and its application in Solar Cells of Heterounión Massiva. b. Predoctoral contract "Santiago Grisolía" c. Gross monthly remuneration: 1,479.28 € and 25.02% of social security, 370.12€ (12 month salary). d. Additional allocation of 1600 € to be used for travel and establishment expenses e. Duration: The predoctoral contract will be formalized for one year, renewable up to 3 years. f. The start date of the contract will be October 1, 2017. Requirements of the candidates: a. To have a university degree by a non-Spanish institution related directly or indirectly to Chemistry. b. Have completed the studies leading to the degree mentioned in (a) after January 30, 2014. c. The degree mentioned in (a) must be equivalent to those of (1) Engineering or Bachelor, (2) Degree or (3) Technical Engineering or Diploma. In cases (2 and 3) the applicants must have also completed a Master of at least 60 credits or be in the second course of one of more than 60. d. Have knowledge of Spanish or English suitable for the development of the tasks of the proposed training. e. Not be in possession of the title of doctor. f. Not having enjoyed a Santiago Grisolía Scholarship. Merits to value: Experience in Organic Synthesis and/or preparation of photovoltaic devices. Documentation to present with the application: a. Photocopy of the national identity document, or equivalent document in the case of nationals of member states of the European Union. b. Photocopy of the NIE, or passport in force in the case of foreign citizens who are not resident in Spanish territory. c. Photocopy of the official academic certificate that will include the degree and the qualifications obtained and their dates, with a translation into Spanish. d. Photocopy of the title or the deposit for the expedition of the same. e. Updated resume of the applicant. f. Report on the participation of the applicant in the research project. g. Two letters of reference. h. Documentation accrediting knowledge of Spanish or English. For any clarification contact the responsible person by e-mail:


Universidad Miguel Hernández de Elche